"Faculty of Education and Language adopts a top-notch curriculum, with its implementation mainly based on authentic learning experience. The graduates are equipped with strong competitiveness, tenacity to strive, and relevant competence that is in line with the society’s needs, notably in the sector of education and language."
Faculty of Education and Language of Unika Atma Jaya adopts a curriculum that is distinct from those adopted in other campuses, that is, a learning-centered curriculum. Through the learning process in Faculty of Education and Language of Unika Atma Jaya, graduates are well-equipped with spirit of competitiveness, persistence and competence relevant to the community’s needs.

Students of Faculty of Education and Language also have the opportunities to enhance their competence by participating in student exchange programs (either in-country or overseas), assistance teaching program in an educational unit, and internships in educational institutions or companies through Program ‘Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka’ (MBKM).

The choices of study programs at Faculty of Education and Language of Unika Atma Jaya vary widely, consisting of four Undergraduate Study Programs (i.e., Catholic Religion Education (Pendikkat), English Language Education (PBI), Guidance & Counseling (BK), and Elementary Teacher Education (PGSD)) and two post-graduate programs (i.e., Master and Doctor of Applied English Linguistics (MLTBI and DLTBI))—the latter serve as a complete pathway of academic degrees in the discipline of English language.

All in all, we do not only prepare our graduates to attain their degrees but we constantly nurture their growth mindset, which can later have impacts on their self-growth and the society, through real works in the areas of education and language or even other relevant sectors.

Dean of Faculty of Education and Language
Dr. Luciana, M.Ed.
Dr. Luciana, M.Ed.


When initially established, Faculty of Education and Language (FPB) of Unika Atma Jaya opened its undergraduate program (S1) with three majors, that is, General Education Major, English Language Major, and History Major. Unfortunately, in 1964, the History Major was closed due to lack of interest, leaving the then FKIP with two majors, namely General Education and English Language.

In its development, FPB Atma Jaya has now opened four Undergraduate Study Programs: English Language Education (PBI), Catholic Religion Education (Pendikkat), Guidance & Counseling (BK), and Elementary Teacher Education (PGSD). FPB Unika Atma Jaya has also opened two post-graduate programs: Master and Doctor of Applied English Linguistics (MLTBI and DLTBI) as a complete pathway of academic degrees in the area of English language. Additionally, FPB Unika Atma Jaya conducts professional program, namely Teacher Professional Program (PPG). 

FPB Vision

To become a faculty with profound influence in the discipline of education and language at both national and international levels by fostering the spirit of edu-preneurship in order to develop adaptive generations, grounded on the values of KUPP, science and technology, and Indonesian culture.

FPB Mission 

  1. To provide academic and professional education to contribute to the advancement of education and language sectors, which are adaptable and relevant to the development of science and technology as well as the community’s needs.
  2. To conduct basic and applied research to develop the education and language sectors with a strong basis of culture in the context of Indonesian society.
  3. To devote the knowledge and expertise in the area of education and language to the community empowerment.
  4. To build up the capacity of teachers to pursue careers at both national and international scales.
  5. 5. To conduct management based on SPMI and SPME.
  6. To provide student training to produce graduates with expertise in their disciplines as well as digital pedagogy as well as good skills in communication, teamwork, and leadership.
  7. To establish partnerships with various national and international institutions with an impact of the enhancement of the capacity of Human Resources and the implementation of Tri Dharma activities.

FPB Objectives

  1. To produce Bachelor of Education, as well as Master and Doctor of Applied English Linguistics, who can contribute professionally at both national and international levels, and to produce certified teachers.
  2. To produce applied research works in the sectors of education and language, which can contribute to the advancement of science, pedagogy, and community service.
  3. To produce community service work in the form of training or seminar that is integrated with the values of learning and research and that is oriented towards the community’s needs.
  4. To produce teachers who can make contributions at both national and international levels.
  5. To implement an effective management system at both Study Program and Faculty levels
  6. To produce graduates with competence in their disciplines who possess commendable communication and teamwork skills.
  7. To expand networking with various national and international institutions to improve the capacity of HR and support the implementation of Tri dharma activities.


Faculty Contact

Semanggi Campus
  • Jenderal Sudirman Street 51, Jakarta 12930
  • Telp. (62-21) 5727615, 5703306, 5708823
  • Fax (62-21) 5747912
  • Email:
Dr. Luciana, M.Ed.
Pricilla Anindyta, M.Pd.
Vice Dean
Yohanes Ismantoro, S.E., Ak., C.A., M.Ak.
Associate Dean of Administration and Finance
Dominikus David Biondi Situmorang, S.Pd., M.Pd., M.Si., C.T., C.PS., C.BNLP.
Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Tia Xenia, M.Hum.
Head Departement of English Education
Theresia Vita Prodeita, M.Hum.
Head Departement of Catholic Education
Caroline Lisa Setia Wati, M.Pd., Kons.
Head Departement of Guidance and Counseling
M. Francine Avanti Samino, M.Pd.
Head Departement of Teachers’
Paulina Chandrasari Kusuma
Ferdinan Okki Kurniawan
Kepala Program Studi Magister Linguistik Terapan Bahasa Inggris
Prof. Dr. Setiono Sugiharto
Kepala Program Studi Doktor Linguistik Terapan Bahasa Inggris
Ekarina, Ph.D.
Coordinator Research and Service Society
Student Executive Council (BEM) FPB
Student Representative Council (BPM) FPB
English Language Education Student Association (HMPS PBI)
Catholic Religion Education Student Association (HMPS Pendikkat)
Guidance and Counseling Student Association (HMPS BK)
Elementary Teacher Education Student Association (HMPS PGSD)