Christine Manara Ph.D.

08/30/2023 00:00:00




Jabatan Akademik





 : 0613127301

 : Lektor Kepala 400


S1 - Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (1997)
S2 - Assumption University (2005)
S3 - Monash University (2012)


Bilingualism and Bilingual Education
Pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris melalui Karya Sastra
Second Language Acquisition
Tata Bahasa Inggris dalam Konteks Akademis

Christine Manara Ph.D., 2010, Views on creativity from an Indonesian perspective
Christine Manara Ph.D., 2011, Narratives: A dialogue with the intercultural self
Christine Manara Ph.D., 2012, Teachers' opinion of the teaching of English in the elementary school curriculum in Ambarawa, Central Java
Christine Manara Ph.D., 2013, English language educators' professional learning as a site of identity struggle
Christine Manara Ph.D., 2013, Teachers' view on English language professional development program in an international-standard pilot project school (RSBI) in Temanggung
Christine Manara Ph.D., 2013, The Struggle of moving towards EIL: Competing and conflicting narratives of professionalism in an Indonesian context
Christine Manara Ph.D., 2014, "So what do you want us to do?": A critical reflection of teaching English as an International Language in an Australian context
Christine Manara Ph.D., 2014, "That's what worries me": Tensions in English language education in today's Indonesia
Christine Manara Ph.D., 2015, Experimenting with language through creative writing tasks
Christine Manara Ph.D., 2016, "Maybe English first and then Balinese and Bahasa Indonesia": A case of language shift, attrition, and preference
Christine Manara Ph.D., 2016, "No need-lah, uncle": Teachers' perspective on English(es) communication and pedagogy
Christine Manara Ph.D., 2016, Language use in shifting contexts: Two multilingual Filipinos' narratives of language and mobility
Christine Manara Ph.D., 2018, What should I call myself? Does it matter? Questioning the labeling practice in ELT profession
Christine Manara Ph.D., 2019, "I'm like kentang": Bilingual Indonesians construction of identity in the era of transnationalism
Christine Manara Ph.D., 2019, Revisiting an English extensive reading program in a low commercial resources setting
Christine Manara Ph.D., 2019, The global local planes of English needs in Indonesian contexts
Christine Manara Ph.D., 2021, I Have to Teach The ‘English’ English: Native-Speakerism Ideology Among the English Teachers
Christine Manara Ph.D., 2021, Students’ Attitudes Towards Languages and Maintenance of Heritage Languages: A Case Study of Papuan Senior High School Students
Christine Manara Ph.D., 2022, Pre-service teachers’ investments in English and construction of professional identity in the Indonesian context