The Secret Behind the Successs Evaluation of the Program and Organization of Stichting Bondgenoot Partnerr

8/15/2011 12:00:00 AM
  1. Introduction

Stichting Bondgenoot Partner (SBP) is a non-profit organization in The Netherlands that has a mission to help children of poor community in Indonesia to have a better education, so that they can have a better quality of life in the future. In order to accomplish its mission SBP supported schools in some provinces in Indonesia, i.e.: North Sumatra, Central Java, North Sulawesi, South Sulawesi and East Nusa Tenggara, in which the majority of the students come from low social economic families. The aid from SBP was implemented through various educational projects, e.g. built new practicum rooms and workshops, renovated the old classrooms and workshops, set up computer laboratories, renovated school libraries, supplied books (modern libraries) and teaching-learning media, granted scholarships for teachers to be trained with some specific skills, etc. In general, all these projects are intended to allow students of low social economic families to experience better teaching-learning facilities, and by that, it is expected that they can acquire higher quality of knowledge and skills that are needed and important for their future. Since 1999 Mrs. and Mr. Riphagen carry out projects in Indonesia. In 2002 they established the foundation “Stichting Bondgenoot Partner” (SBP). However evaluation on how these educational projects meet the needs of the intended beneficiaries, how these educational projects give positive impact to the intended beneficiaries, and how these educational projects can be continued forward, is not carried out yet. Nevertheless, such information is important not only for SBP, but also for the Indonesian schools and their foundations. For this reason, this evaluation study was carried out.


2.  Objectives In general the main purpose of this evaluation is to assess the impact of SBP’s assistance to eight vocational schools, one junior high school, one complex of 4 general schools and one orphan house in three sites of Indonesia, i.e. Pematang Siantar and Kerasaan in North Sumatera, Klaten, Pedan and Magelang in Central Java, Rantepao, Makale and Makasar in South Sulawesi. In addition, this evaluation is intended to identify a sustainable way in order to continue the program. The specific objectives of this evaluation can be divided into the following two levels: At program level:

  • To provide a clear picture of the effect of the projects support by SBP on school level and individual level.
  • To assess the long term impact of the projects supported by SBP on the school and the community. At organizational level:
      1. To identify factors that are important for projects sustainability (e.g. organizational structure and management, maintaining collaboration and networking with other organizations, i.e. local government, NGOs, faith based organizations, quality of human resources, etc.).
      2. To identify educational programs that can be prioritized by the organizations in order to improve the quality of education.
      3. To identify factors that are important for sustainability of SBP as an organization.