Coping as a Community: Recovery Experiences of a Tourism Reliant Area Following a Tsunami in Indonesia

7/9/2021 12:00:00 AM

Penulis/Peneliti :  Ignatius Cahyanto, Aaron Kingsbury, Eko Widodo, Natalia Puspita & Agnes Harnadi

Jurnal                    :  International Journal of Tourism Research
Volume                  :  -

ISSN/ISBN            : 1522-1970

Tahun                    : 2021

Kategori                : Scopus Q-1


Despite the burgeoning amount of tourism recovery research, there is a dearth of studies that explore communal coping. To address this gap, this study examined the communal coping of a tourism-reliant community in Indonesia that was destroyed by a tsunami using the Participatory Research Action (PAR) paradigm. It employs Photovoice augmented with mobile data collection using Survey123 from ESRI. The findings identified three phases of communal coping: losing the daily routine, reviving routines, and living with new routines. Each of these was found to be pivotal to destination resilience building. This study offers a novel way to examine disaster experiences. adequate phone signal strength, and the skill levels needed to complete the surveys, the method yielded a richer quality of data than traditional qualitative interviews. The process was also found to be both therapeutic and empowering for tsunami survivors. Overall, this method offers a fresh approach to understanding hazards and providing more nuanced theory-building of tourism disasters.