Adapting Photovoice with ESRI Survey123 for Tourism Disaster Research in Banten, Indonesia

7/9/2021 12:00:00 AM

Penulis/Peneliti :  Aaron Kingsbury, Ignatius Cahyanto, Eko Widodo, Natalia Puspita & Agnes Harnadi

Jurnal                   :  Current Issues in Tourism (RCIT)

Volume                 :  -

Tahun                   : 2020

Kategori               : Scopus Q-1


Disaster studies and tourism disaster research are emerging areas of academic inquiry that remain heavily reliant on traditional methods to gather qualitative data. Only recently have those in this field begun to explore more participatory methodologies and their potential to generate knowledge. Yet, despite these developments, photovoice remains largely absent in research. This article focuses on the process, limitations, and benefits of this alternative approach, as discovered through a research project in tourism-reliant coastal communities in Banten Province, Indonesia, following a 2018 tsunami. In particular, research combined photovoice and ESRI Survey123 to examine how Banten residents perceived, experienced and responded to the impacts of the tsunami, as well as their post-disaster coping strategies. Although challenged by reliance on participants having sufficient cell phone data plans, adequate phone signal strength, and the skill levels needed to complete the surveys, the method yielded a richer quality of data than traditional qualitative interviews. The process was also found to be both therapeutic and empowering for tsunami survivors. Overall, this method offers a fresh approach to understanding hazards and providing more nuanced theory-building of tourism disasters.