The library at the Faculty of Law of the Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia (Unika Atma Jaya) is a core of educational and research resources. As a knowledge center, the library provides a variety of resources needed to support the academic needs of students and faculty. The library within the law faculty not only stores books and journals, but is also a center for learning, research, and intellectual discussion. The following is an explanation of the understanding and benefits of libraries for the Faculty of Law of Atma Jaya Catholic University:


Library Services

Resource Collection

Provides access to a wide range of resources including books, journals, articles, and legal databases, both in print and digital formats.

Study and Research Room

Provides a quiet and conducive environment for study and research, with facilities such as reading rooms, discussion rooms, and private study areas.

Information and Support Services

Offers information and support services such as reference consulting, assistance in research, and information literacy programs.


Benefits of Library for Faculty of Law Atma Jaya Catholic University

Support Learning and Research

The Library provides access to the extensive and in-depth resources necessary for effective legal study and comprehensive research.

Improve Information Literacy Skills

Students learn how to find, evaluate, and use information effectively, skills that are essential for academic and professional success.

Collaborative Facilities

Libraries are often places for students and faculty to meet, collaborate, and share ideas, strengthening the academic community.

Encouraging Lifelong Learning

By providing access to a wide range of learning resources, the library fosters a culture of lifelong learning among students and staff.

Become a Cultural and Intellectual Center

The Library frequently hosts events, workshops, and exhibitions that enrich the campus experience and promote cultural and intellectual exchange.


Overall, the library at the Faculty of Law of Atma Jaya Catholic University is a valuable resource that enriches the academic and professional experience of students and lecturers. By providing access to extensive information resources, conducive learning facilities, and support services, libraries play an important role in supporting the educational and research mission of the faculty.