Activities of Double Degree Master of Management Batch 6

7/6/2023 12:00:00 AM
Since 2020, MM Study Program has a double degree program with overseas partner universities (PTLN), which allows students to get two master's degrees at once, where one of the degrees is awarded by PTLN partner universities in collaboration with MM - Unika Atma Jaya. 

The MM - Unika Atma Jaya double degree program aims to make MM - Unika Atma Jaya students become more confident, broaden their horizons and network at the international level. Currently, the scheme given to students who are interested in taking a double degree program with full scholarship from PTLN partners is as follows:

2 Semesters at MM Unika Atma Jaya and 1 Semester at Providence University Taiwan
2 Semesters at MM Unika Atma Jaya and 2 Semesters at CTBC Business School Taiwan

Get more information about double degree programs and full scholarships from PTLN partner universities.