Bandwidth Enhancement Of Dual Frequency Equilateral Triangular Microstrip Antenna

10/17/2006 00:00:00
Writer/Researcher : Indra Surjati, Tony Winata, Bambang Iswindradi


Area of Research : Telecommunication Engineering


Journal : Metris


Volume : 7, No.2


Year : 2006


A new design of equilateral triangular microstrip antenna with a pair of slits using coplanar waveguide line for achieving bandwidth enhancement is proposed and experimentally studied. The results show that the matching condition can be obtained by controlling the stub length of the coplanar waveguide line to 18 mm with VSWR 1.05 and return loss -31.62 dB. The impedance bandwidth is about 2.90% with VSWR less than 1.2 is 113 MHz at 3.88 GHz.