Design of Microstrip Antenna using Slot Technique for the Application of Global Positioning System (GPS) for Automotive

07/16/2010 00:00:00
Writer/Researcher : Indra Surjati, Yuli KN dan Andy Wiryanto


Area of Research : Telekomunikasi


Journal : Jurnal Elektro


Volume : 2, No. 1


Year : 2009


These days, the development of telecommunication is very fast. For that reason, required a compact antenna like microstrip antenna was qualified for that condition. Microstrip antenna has many advantages such as compact shape, small dimension, easy to fabricated, easy to connected and integrated with other electronic device. This advantages have been applied for few applications, and one of many applications is for Global Positioning System (GPS).This paper proposed a designed of 4 element rectangular linear array microstrip antenna as a receiver for GPS automotive application. This antenna is designed using AWR Microwave Office 2004 software and the parameters from simulation result must be qualified as a GPS antenna. Circular polarization is absolute condition for GPS antenna. By using slot method circular polarization can be achieved and the dimension of patch antenna can be reduced.From the simulation, GPS antenna which have working frequency at 1.575 GHz obtained return loss -40,61 dB, VSWR 1,019, input impedance (50,4565 – j0,80911) Ohm, and impedance bandwidth 57,6 MHz (3,67%). The dimension of patch antenna can be reduced up to 6.53%.
Keywords: microstrip antenna, slot, GPS