Canal Capacity In Uplink Overlay System Between Narrowband CDMA (N-CDMA) And Wideband CDMA (W-CDMA)

07/16/2010 00:00:00
Writer/Researcher : Joni Herianto dan Sandra Octaviani


Area of Research : Telekomunikasi


Journal : Jurnal Elektro


Volume : 3, No. 1


Year : 2010


Nowadays, the number of N-CDMA standard IS-95 users is increasing, so the improvement the system capacity is needed. The overlay N-CDMA to W-CDMA is considered to be alternative solutions. The capacity of BS service is investigated by observing the up-link receiving power and the interference influence to a certain cell with its 6 neighbor cell as the interferer, these 7 cells function as the overlay for N-CDMA to W-CDMA system. The impact of the change of total user of N-CDMA toward of W-CDMA or vice versa can be shown by simulation using Visual Basic program, with assumption power control is perfect.

Keywords : N-CDMA, W-CDMA