Bixa orellana L. carotenoids: antiproliferative activity on human lung cancer, breast cancer, and cervical cancer cells in vitro

10/24/2022 12:00:00 AM

Authors: Lia Kusmita Yuvianti Dwi FranyotoMutmainah MutmainahIka Puspitaningrum Agustina D R Nurcahyanti 


Publication date: 08 Februari 2022

Natural Product Research

Volume: 2022: 1-7




Emerging evidence on the potential pro-oxidant effect of carotenoids provokes apoptosis of cancer cells. Bixa orellana L. is native to Central and South America, interestingly, is also cultivated worldwide. Apo-carotenoids present in B. orellana L. are mainly dominated by bixin and norbixin and demonstrate fundamental antioxidant activity. Anti-proliferative activity on human cancer cells is rarely investigated. We isolated bixin from B. orellana L. found in the island of Java using Ultra-Fast Liquid Chromatography and confirmed the isolated compound using Liquid Chromatography-MS/MS. Bixin and crude extract were examined on human lung cancer (A549), cervical cancer (HeLa), and breast cancer (MCF-7). Anti-proliferative activity revealed to be promising on both, the isolated pigment and crude extract. Further investigation on the mechanism of action and effect on other cell lines, both in vitro and in vivo, are required before clinical translation.


Keywords: Bixa orellana L.; Bixaceae; annatto pigment; anti-proliferative; bixin; cervical cancer; lung cancer; pro-oxidant.