Yogiara, S.Si., M.Si., Ph.D.

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Yogiara, Ph.D. is a lecturer in the Master of Biotechnology program, Faculty of Biotechnology, Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia (AJCUI). He joined as a faculty member in 2005. Yogiara completed his undergraduate studies majoring in Biology at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, IPB University, Bogor, Indonesia, in 1999. After completing his bachelor-s degree, he continued his master-s studies in the Microbiology study program at IPB University and graduated in 2004. He completed his doctoral degree at the Department of Biotechnology, Yonsei University, South Korea in 2016. The research of interest that he wants to develop in AJCUI are microbial bioprospecting and biodiversity, the antibiotic discovery from plants and microbes including the study of the mechanism of action of antibiotics on bacteria, and the development of psychobiotics from probiotics isolated from Indonesian fermented food. His research results have been published in several scientific articles in nationally accredited and internationally reputable journals. The research carried out in AJCUI also strongly support the development and enrichment of course material in several subjects he teaches in either the Biotechnology or Master's in Biotechnology programs, such as Molecular Biology, Microbial Bioprospecting, Gene Regulation and Expression, DNA Technology/Biomolecular Engineering, and Molecular Diagnostics. Yogiara is also active in scientific organizations such as the Indonesian Association of Biotechnology Study Programs, the Association of International Indonesian Scientists, the Asian Federation of Biotechnology, the American Society for Microbiology, and the Indonesian Society for Lactic Acid Bacteria and Gut Microbiome.

S1 - IPB University (1998)
S2 - IPB University (2004)
S3 - Yonsei University (2016)


Molecular Biology
Microbiology Bioprospection
Molecular Diagnostics
Biomolecular Engineering Laboratory
Biomolecular Engineering
Special Topics in Biotechnology
Special Topics in Biotechnology Pre-research

Yogiara Ph.D., 2007, Antibiotic Resistance and Integron of Vibrio cholerae Detection from School Street Foods in Jakarta
Yogiara Ph.D., 2008, Cloning, Sequencing and Characterization of The Xylan Degrading Enzymes from Geobacillus thermoleovorans IT-08
Yogiara Ph.D., 2011, Population Dynamic of Dendronephthya sp.-Associated Bacteria in Natural and Artificial Habitats
Yogiara Ph.D., 2011, Screening of Quorum Quenching Activity of Bacteria Isolated from Ant Lion
Yogiara Ph.D., 2012, Kandungan Komponen Bioaktif dan Aktivitas Antimikrob Ekstrak Bintang Laut (Culcita schmideliana)
Yogiara Ph.D., 2012, The Genetic Diversity of Endophytic and Phyllosphere Bacteria from Several Indonesian Herbal Plants
Yogiara Ph.D., 2013, Analysis of Bacterial Community Associated with Aaptos sp. from Rote and Seribu Island
Yogiara Ph.D., 2015, Escherichia coli ASKA Clone Library Harboring tRNA-Specific Adenosine Deaminase (tadA) Reveals Resistance towards Xanthorrhizol
Yogiara Ph.D., 2015, Food-grade antimicrobials potentiate the antibacterial activity of 1,2-hexanediol
Yogiara Ph.D., 2018, Short Communication: Detection of lectin gene (MLL1 and M35) in mulberry plant (Morus spp.) from Bogor, West Java, Indonesia
Yogiara Ph.D., 2019, Tempeh Consumption Enhanced Beneficial Bacteria In The Human Gut
Yogiara Ph.D., 2020, Characterization of antibacterial activity produced by Bacillus spp. isolated from honey and bee-associated products against foodborne pathogens
Yogiara Ph.D., 2020, PreliminaryDetection of Antibacterial Activity of Fishpond Water Bacteria against Aquaculture PathogenicBacteria
Yogiara Ph.D., 2020, The food-grade antimicrobial xanthorrhizol targets the enoyl-ACP reductase (FabI) in Escherichia coli
Yogiara Ph.D., 2020, The in Vitro Antibiofilm Activity of Bacteria Isolated From Waterfall and Marine Environment Against Human Bacterial Pathogens
Yogiara Ph.D., 2020, Understanding The Mechanism Of Biofilm Formation In Major Gram-negative and Gram-positive Pathogens with sprecial Emphasis
Yogiara Ph.D., 2021, Characterization of Supernatant Extract and Viability of Bacillus Subtilis Km16 and Pseudomonas spp. in Fish Feed as Biocontrol Agents Against Aquaculture Pathogens
Yogiara Ph.D., 2021, Comparative diversity analysis of halophiles at two polar saltern systems in Indramayu, West Java, Indonesia
Yogiara Ph.D., 2021, Detection of Mulatexin in Local Mulberry Plants (Morus spp.) from Bogor, West Java, Indonesia
Yogiara Ph.D., 2021, Detection of Quorum Quenching-Producing Bacteria from Rhizosphere Soil as A Biocontrol Agents
Yogiara Ph.D., 2021, Evaluation of the potentials of Bacillus subtilis KM16 and Pseudomonas sp. PAP 26 isolated from the hot spring and crater lakes as antibiofilm agents
Yogiara Ph.D., 2021, Genomic characterization of bacteriophage BI-EHEC infecting strains of Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli
Yogiara Ph.D., 2021, Isolation, Characterization, and Application of Bacteriophages Against Several Food Spoilage Bacteria: Bacillus Subtilis, Bacillus Cereus, and Shewanella Putrefaciens
Yogiara Ph.D., 2021, Microbial analysis and virulence genes detection of milk preserved using heat-assisted pulsed electric field
Yogiara Ph.D., 2021, Positive correlation between the number of bacteria in soybean tempeh with the bioactivity of its extract against enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) adhesion to eukaryotic cells
Yogiara Ph.D., 2021, Profil bakteri asam laktat dan evaluasi sensori dari tempe bungkus daun jati yang disuplementasi dengan daun kelor
Yogiara Ph.D., 2021, The effect of starter culture on bacterial profile in soybean tempeh
Yogiara Ph.D., 2022, Antibiofilm properties of bioactive compounds from Actinomycetes against foodborne and fish pathogens
Yogiara Ph.D., 2022, Bacteriophage DW-EC with the capability to destruct and inhibit biofilm formed by several pathogenic bacteria