Socialization Of Avian Disease Prevention Using Three Dimensional Animated

07/16/2010 00:00:00

riter/Researcher : A. Nurcahyo dan Maria A Kartawidjaja

Area of Research : Sistem Komputer


Journal : Jurnal Elektro


Volume : 2, No. 1


Year : 2009

A virulent strain of the influenza virus known as avian flu was spreading in several Asian countries beginning in the year 2003. The virus primarily attacks the avian family but can also attack other species such as pigs, cats, dogs, even humans. Initial symptoms of the disease are similar to regular flu, causing the infected person to be unaware of the life threatening situation. Even though there has been many public service announcements in the print media, radio and television about the disease and preventive methods that can be employed by people, often times the information was hard to disseminate among the poorly educated. This article discusses the making of a three dimension animation about avian flu using 3D Studio Max 6.0 to be distributed to the lower class. It was concluded from the tests that using 3D Studio Max 6.0 resulted in an animated film with a satisfactory quality especially for non-moving objects. Living objects were less realistic especially their movements. This is due to hardware limitation, namely the processor speed and the amount of memory available.

Keywords: animation, avian flu, 3D Studio Max, three dimension