Computer-Based Room Monitoring System Using Webcam and Cellular Phone

04/11/2007 00:00:00
Writer/Researcher : Linda Wijayanti & Herman


Area of Research : Elektronika


Journal : Elektra


Volume : 3, No.3


Year : 2006


The use of cellular phones and webcams as means to communicate is nowadays considered very common. An adequate security system is a one which enables its user to acces system information anytime, anywhere. To overcome human errors still present in conventional security system, a computer-based security system using Borland Delphi 6 is proposed. This system is activated using short message service (SMS). Monitoring is done by comparing a reference image captured by a webcam with an image taken per second. Test results show that the proposed system can monitor a room well, automatically send information in the form of SMS, as well as saving images and video clips of the monitored room.