Control Of Cooling Water In An Air Conditioning System Based On Fuzzy Logic

07/16/2010 00:00:00
Writer/Researcher : Iwan Haryadi dan Melisa Mulyadi


Area of Research : Elektronika


Journal : Jurnal Elektro


Volume : 2, No. 2


Year : 2009


Cooling system for Air Conditioner divided into two types, cooling system with air and cooling system with water. Cooling system with water could accelerate the process of cooling down, so it uses less power. Most common airconditioning system uses air cooler, because of that Air Conditioner needs water cooling unit for additional. The system is working by controlling water jet nozzle that using in condenser coil Air Conditioner. The instrument will squirt water if temperature in condenser still high and will stop if temperature has reached the appropriate temperature level. Water jet nozzle is controlled by microcontroller with fuzzy logic. Experimental result show in elevation angle of squirting at 45? will give the most optimal result for decreasing the condenser temperature level and will be able to reduce working time of condenser motor coil.

Keywords: fuzzy logic, solenoid valve, microcontroller AT 89S52, air conditioner, kondensor