About Faculty of Law

Faculty of Law (FH) Atma Jaya Catholic University was established on July 3, 1965 and started lectures at Semanggi Campus since early March 1971. In accordance with its development by entering the era of globalization, now FH Unika Atma Jaya has 5 (five) Specialization Programs for Strata I, including Civil Law, Criminal Law, State Law, International Law, and Business Economic Law. The Faculty of Law also has a Master of Law Program consisting of 2 study programs, namely (1) International Trade Law; (2) Industrial Relations and Human Resources Law.

The curriculum of the Faculty of Law is designed with the aim that students gain an understanding of theory and practice that prepares graduates to be able to compete not only on a national scale, but also regionally and internationally. Various courses are conducted with English language instruction to ensure the quality of graduates has more ability than national standards.

FH Atma Jaya Catholic University also develops several training programs that intersect with the development of the Study Program and support the study program to add more value to its graduates. Training programs in the form  of Academic Ventures  such as the Certified Human Resources Program (CHRP) which has produced more than 1,000 alumni and helped develop the curriculum and teaching quality in the Master of Law Program with the excellence of Human Resources. Every year we organize PKPA Advocate courses with Advocate organizations. In addition, the Faculty of Law opens cooperation with various state institutions, including: LPSK (Sanctions and Victim Protection Agency), KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission), Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Constitutional Court, PERADI (Indonesian Advocates Association), and others. Internationally, FH works alongside leading Universities, such as Oxford  University, Radbound University, etc.

Law Faculty graduates work in many leading law firms, law enforcement officials, notaries and human resources bureaus. Many scattered alumni occupy middle to upper management.