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Raymond R. Tjandrawinata, Ph.D.

NIDN 8888420016




S1, University of the Pacific (Biokima)

S2, University California, Riverside (Biokimia)

S3, Univ California, Riverside (Biokimia)




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RA Utami, AG Aqila, S Asyarie, RR Tjandrawinata, DS Retnoningrum. 2017. In Vitro Toxicity and ZO-1 Gene Expression Analysis Of GliSOD_P61 Treatment In Caco-2 Cell. RESEARCH JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL BIOLOGICAL AND CHEMICAL SCIENCES 8, 200-206


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K Anggadiredja, RR Tjandrawinata. 2015. Cardiovascular effects of Phaleria macrocarpa extracts combined with mainstay FAC regimen for breast cancer. Cardiovascular toxicology 15 (1), 90-99


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A Aripin, PF Arifin, RR Tjandrawinata. 2013. Isolated compounds from Phaleria macrocarpa as anti-cancer agents. US Patent 8,569,382


M Hughes-Fulford, Y Chen, RR Tjandrawinata. 2001. Fatty acid regulates gene expression and growth of human prostate cancer PC-3 cells. Carcinogenesis 22 (5), 701-707


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