Public Lecture Prof. Ching-An Huang Department of Mechanical Engineering Chang Gung University, Taiwan

On August 26 2023, the Master of Mechanical Engineering Study Program at the Catholic University of Indonesia, Atma Jaya, held a public lecture on the potential for collaboration and research presented by Prof. Ching-An Huang. He is a lecturer at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chang Gung University, Taiwan. He is an expert in the field of electroplating processes for tools (machinery tools)


Prof. Huang conveyed several current research topics being carried out at Chang Gung University including Electronic Packaging, Welding Process, Corrosion Engineering, Combustion, Biomaterials and Drug Delivery Systems, and Medical Engineering. He also introduced several laboratories owned by Chang Gung University including Biomaterials Laboratory, Plasmon Laboratory, Combustion and Thermofluids Laboratory, Micromechanics Laboratory, Sensing and Computing Laboratory, Ultrasonics Laboratory, Data Analysis and Smart Control Laboratory, Packaging Laboratory, Design and Optimization Laboratory, Joint Laboratory, Electrochemical and Materials Engineering, and Mechatronic Laboratory.


Prof. Huang also described that with increasingly rapid technological developments, the role of industry-university cooperation has become very important. Chang Gung University, which is a research university, has good collaboration with Formosa Plastics Group in conducting research. Apart from that, the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chang Gung University also has close ties with the Chang Gung Medical Foundation by being involved in research centers related to e-Hospital and Precision Medicine, Intelligent Manufacturing, Smart Green Energy and Prospective Optoelectronics.


Prof. Huang also presented material related to research in the field of Plasma and Thin Film Technology, which is a joint research between Chang Gung University and Ming Chi University of Technology, Taiwan. The focus of this research includes Biomedical Thin Films, HiPIMS Coating Technology for Thin Films, Optoelectronic and Semiconductor Thin Films. "In the future, these technologies will dominate," he said while showing the superiority of the microchip and semiconductor industry in Taiwan and inviting the young generation in Indonesia to take an active role in the development of this crucial technology.

As part of this series of public lectures, Prof. Ching-An Huang closed by describing a research case study entitled "Development and Applications of Electroplated Diamond Tools with Ni-Cr-C-diamond and Ni-B-diamond composite" in which he showed the importance of the academic world in building national industrial resilience.