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Graduate School of Business

unning business and economic activities require you to be adaptive and prepared for all sorts of possible challenges. Following the political decisions across the globe to integrate economies to the global market, there are consequences that all managers and leaders must anticipate. Too often one graduates without any experience on anticipating these challenges because they are mostly taught about micro issues.

Atma Jaya Graduate School of Business is one of Indonesia’s finest graduate schools. Our philosophy is to grow a community of concerned citizens who run business with attention to nation development, who see patterns and have network, especially across Southeast Asia. Experience in solving problems is much emphasized in our classes & you will learn with the visionaries from Indonesia and beyond. We are known for innovative cooperation with various universities, think-tanks and association of professions. Here you meet experts and practitioners with interdisciplinary format of dialog so you may share good practices to sail through any currents.

We also provide non-degree programs as options for professionals looking to upgrade skills, network and experience. We welcome tailor-made programs suitable for in-house training in your company.
All in all, with modern campus in the heart of Indonesian Central Business District in Jakarta and our pool of talents, we’d like to welcome you in to our network.
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Atma Jaya Graduate School of Business



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